‘Down the Back’

When an extension was built onto what was the then yard and sheds of the Pillar House in 1971 it was called “The Lounge”, it immediately became the in place for the young crowd and it would be great to have one euro for every great memory that’s been recalled of days and nights there. Live music was a focal point then as now and band names such as Pincín, Paschal & The Shannon Breeze, Skillet Pot, Terry Benson and Ballinasloe’s own Vienna who played during the 70’s and early 80’s will evoke lots of memories

In recent years it has become known as simply “Down the Back”. From The Lounge days right through to today “Down the Back” has been the meeting for Ballinasloe’s young and trendies.

Following a recent re-launch on Sunday 29th June, initiated by our dedicated and hardworking team “Down the Back” on Sunday nights is where it’s happening. With a mix of live music & DJ’s “Down the Back” will be the place to be on Sunday nights for Summer 2014 for creating another generation of new memories. Join us for craic, cocktails, great live music from and DJ’s.